Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pa-pa-pa Pants Fi-fi-fi Fitting!

As I continue along my sewing journey I've discovered a few fitting techniques that have worked for my figure. Up to this point I have been pretty pleased with the outcome of the projects I have undertaken, but now it is time to take on a new challenge.  Pants!

I've heard that achieving a great fitting pair of pants can be frustrating.  In fact, many sewists tend to shy away from sewing pants. The actual construction is, for the most part, pretty straightforward once you know how to insert a zipper. However, getting pants to fit properly is an entirely different matter.

A few years ago I tried altering a pants pattern to fit but after several frustrating hours and unsuccessful muslins I gave up.  Since then I have been doing my research, consulting various fitting resources and experimenting with pattern alterations.  I now have the courage to give it another try.

I admit that I am feeling a little apprehensive but alas I will press forward and begin the process.

I will also attempt to share my experience as I work toward achieving a my goal-- the good, the bad and the ugly.  But of course I'm hoping it's all good!   

Stay tuned...

Until next time...Sew something you love!