Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sewing Sanctuary Restored!

I am almost finished with my June MAGAM garment and will hopefully have pics of the finished project very soon.

Clean up Is Complete

I have been cleaning my sewing room over the past two weekends and I am happy (okay ECSTATIC) to say it is done!  There is still some fine tuning to be done like organizing patterns but I can move around without shifting things out of the way or tripping over things.

The chaotic cave has been restored to a sewing sanctuary.  Yeah!

Here is a view of inside the craft cabinet (behind full length mirror) and a close up of the bookcase. 

Cutting table is loaded with goodies-- more about these in a future blog post. I'm so excited!!!

Found these nifty shelves at a local Big Lots.  They are designed for kitchen shelves but they slide onto the cutting table for additional storage-- a perfect solution to my problem.  Now I can free up the table surface for easier pattern lay out. 

Coverstitch machine and serger setup.  Replaced the table lamps with clip on lamps to free up desk space.  Will work on a solution to hide the wires. 

Found a bag full of serger thread for about $8 at a local thrift store about a year ago. Still have room for a few more cones but don't think I will need any more any time soon.

My church was throwing away this table.  I brought it home, reconfigured it so that my sewing machine would sit flush with the table top, then covered it with a fabric remnant and clear vinyl.  The extension pole storage (see the bottom of this post) was another thrift store find.

Every morning before work I go I to my sewing sanctuary. Seeing It brings sunshine to my day.

Now the challenge is keeping it that way...

Until next time...Sew something you love!


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    1. Thanks Faye. I'm loving it more now that it is clean.

  2. you are an inspiration to me and my chaotic cave, lol! i am like you and terrible about putting things back where I found them, and keeping everything neat and tidy! this shows me it can be done and is not impossible, lol!

    1. shellyrhds, Thanks for commenting. Good luck. You can do it!

  3. I love your quote "Every morning before work I go I to my sewing sanctuary. Seeing It brings sunshine to my day." I do this periodically when my room is clean, but I'm going to use this to remind me to press on with the cleaning (I just started yesterday). Like you, I have every intention of putting things away where they belong, but instead they seem to snowball into a giant mess. Hopefully your words will inspire me to do this regularly. I will post pics on my blog when I get there.

    1. Thanks Diahn. I've been checking your blog. How is the clean up going? Can't wait to see pics :o)


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