Saturday, August 15, 2015

There's Gonna Be Some Changes 'Round Here!

Remember this post where I showed you pictures of my sewing sanctuary. I was so proud of my accomplishment. It felt good to look into my sewing room every morning and see a neat space ready for creative crafting.

So I began crafting in my newly organized  (or so I thought) space-- and it wasn't long before things went down hill...very quickly. Before I realized it my sewing sanctuary became a chaotic cave...AGAIN!!!

Why is it that creativity, at least for me, causes chaos?!  What was I doing wrong?  I would try to put things away after each crafting session but sometimes this was not possible-- I mean, who wants to put away this and that when you know you need it the very next time you work on a project?

It was time to make some changes!  But where to start?  First I had to assess  the problem. 


Problem #1:  where did all this stuff come from and do I really want/need it?  The paisley fabric that I thought I would use to make a collared shirt-- I don't even wear collared shirts!  Or the fabric I had to have because it was a great deal and I could use it "someday". How about the old sewing books filled with outdated techniques?  I mean really, in this Internet age you can learn most anything by searching YouTube. 

Problem # 2:  lack of accessibility. I love my cutting table but it was positioned in a way that I could not move around it  or easily access the bookcase where I kept fabric, books and other sewing supplies. 

Problem #3:  The Catch all room.  This room had become a huge walk-in storage closet. Everything went into the sewing room until I found the "perfect" spot or took the time to put it away. 

Up next, some solutions. 

Until next something you love!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Yes, I'm Still Here

It has been a long while since I have posted.  The problem is I love many different crafts and haven't figured out a way to do them all on a regular basis.  During the months leading up to the holidays I had a major cardmaking mojo going.  So far in 2015 I have been knitting and even experimenting with crochet.

I haven't been too excited about garment sewing here lately and did not want to go off topic with cardmaking and knitting projects so I have not posted. 

I want to get back to the pants fitting thing but just can't find the creative energy or patience to devote to that task.  Plus, I have found a few pairs of RTW pants to carry me over until I can tackle the pants issue. 

There has been very little sewing going.  However,  I have been taking a Craftsy class to make this bag.  

I'm using some fabric that has been in my stash for awhile. Had to order a zipper long enough to fit the opening and sturdy enough to hold the bag closed. 
The outside and inside front and back panels are complete and ready for zipper insertion.  I love this fabric!

Looking forward to finishing this bag to store my Cricut die cutting machine. I'm also hoping that my sewing mojo will return now that warmer weather is in the very near future-- I hope!

Until next time... sew something you love!