Saturday, August 15, 2015

There's Gonna Be Some Changes 'Round Here!

Remember this post where I showed you pictures of my sewing sanctuary. I was so proud of my accomplishment. It felt good to look into my sewing room every morning and see a neat space ready for creative crafting.

So I began crafting in my newly organized  (or so I thought) space-- and it wasn't long before things went down hill...very quickly. Before I realized it my sewing sanctuary became a chaotic cave...AGAIN!!!

Why is it that creativity, at least for me, causes chaos?!  What was I doing wrong?  I would try to put things away after each crafting session but sometimes this was not possible-- I mean, who wants to put away this and that when you know you need it the very next time you work on a project?

It was time to make some changes!  But where to start?  First I had to assess  the problem. 


Problem #1:  where did all this stuff come from and do I really want/need it?  The paisley fabric that I thought I would use to make a collared shirt-- I don't even wear collared shirts!  Or the fabric I had to have because it was a great deal and I could use it "someday". How about the old sewing books filled with outdated techniques?  I mean really, in this Internet age you can learn most anything by searching YouTube. 

Problem # 2:  lack of accessibility. I love my cutting table but it was positioned in a way that I could not move around it  or easily access the bookcase where I kept fabric, books and other sewing supplies. 

Problem #3:  The Catch all room.  This room had become a huge walk-in storage closet. Everything went into the sewing room until I found the "perfect" spot or took the time to put it away. 

Up next, some solutions. 

Until next something you love!