Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Vogue 1250 - This is only a TEST garment, or is it?

Overall I am satisfied with the fit.   I should have added about an additional 1 inch in the waist and high hip area.   Because this fabric is a print versus a solid, you can't tell but the skirt cups my belly a little too snuggly for my taste.  BUT I'M IN LOVE with this fabric...AGAIN!   

So here it is Finished and modeled with a basic black cardigan.  

I wore this to work today.  It is oh so comfortable.    And to think I almost gave this fabric away instead of deciding to use it to make test garments.  So glad I did not get rid of it-- I absolutely love this dress!


With the second version of this dress I added a quarter inch to each side seam from the hem tapering back to the original seam line at the underarm.   I will post pics of the second finished dress as soon as my photographer (daughter) finds time in her busy schedule to take them. 

In the meantime-- a picture of the knit print I used . 

  1. I learned that even after getting a great fit in a pattern, it is wise to allow room for additional adjustments by increasing the width of the side seams.  Knit fabrics are not created equal.  I felt safe in using the pencil skirt pattern to alter Vogue 1250 but I did not take into account that the pencil skirt had been made up in a ponte knit which falls away from the body more than the ITY knit I used.  ITY knits drape beautifully and fall closer to the body.   I believe this is why there was a tendency for this fabric to "find" my extra "curves" I should have allowed additional room to compensate for this. 
  2. I now understand why Vogue 1250 has been so popular.  It is flattering on many different figure types, a really classy dress, very versatile and can be whipped up in no time-- all a major plus in my book.  This pattern is definitely a keeper!
  3. What?!? I actually enjoy pattern work?!? This is definitely a surprise to me, but the process of slashing, spreading, and rotating darts to get this pattern to fit my individual curves was more fun than I would have ever imagined. So to all the untouched patterns that now reside in my pattern stash I say:  MWAHAHAHAHA!  Watch out!!!

Until next something you love!


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