Friday, April 25, 2014

12 Days to Go: Prom Dress Progress - Vogue 2929

I am coming down the home stretch. This pattern has definitely tested my patience and broadened my skill set.  The actual sewing itself wasn't too bad.  It was the incorrect pattern markings and the pattern instructions.  It would have been helpful to have diagrams of each step-- especially considering the puzzle-like construction.  If I did not have prior knowledge of how to sew an outside corner to an inside corner I would not have known the dots were not marked properly.  This pattern is definitely not for a beginner.  Even though Vogue2929 has been a challenging pattern to sew, I have enjoyed watching this dress "come to life".

This weekend I cut out the dress, including the very large skirt piece.  I managed to cut the skirt out on my too small cutting table by utilizing lots of pins and very carefully shifting and adjusting the fabric as I cut (which is usually a no-no but seemed to work out fine this time).  It was either that or the floor. 

The dress is now mostly done:  zipper inserted, foundation, lining and dress basted together at the neck line for another fitting before the final sewing is done-- I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  After that, because the dress is cut on the bias, it will need to hang for a few days to allow the fabric to relax.  I've found varying opinions as to how long a bias cut garment should hang.  Once source recommended the garment hang overnight.  Another source recommended 2 weeks?!  Since I don't have two weeks,  I will allow the dress to hang for at least 3 days before hemming.  The plan is to finish the skirt (split, hem, hand tack lining where appropriate) this weekend. 

I am now looking for a sewing pattern to make a purse to coordinate with the dress and these shoes.
My daughter does not usually carry a purse so a small wristlet may be the way to go.  I'm hoping  to increase the chances of the purse returning home with her this year. 

I promised not to post pictures of the final dress until after prom so this will have to suffice for now.

Until next time... sew something you love!

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