Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sneezes, Sniffles, and Some Sewing - Prom Dress Progress... Aaachooo!

I am so glad that the snow and ice is finally behind us (I hope), the trees and flowers are putting on their spring wardrobe and I get dressed in the morning to the sound of birds singing. What I do not like is the coat of pollen that is now appearing on cars, deck furniture, etc.  This yellow stuff wreaks havoc with my immune system!  Seems I waited until I reached my 40's to develop allergies.  On top of that, my daughter is running track which means a lot of hours outdoors.  No matter how much allergy medicine I've taken I can't seem to stop sneezing or sniffling.  It has gotten so bad that now I'm not sure if my symptoms are due to allergies or a spring cold. 

Despite my bout with the sniffles, I have made some progress on Vogue 2929.   I have never been good at origami. I mean, I could make simple folds that produced the paper boats and hats but when it came to the more complicated folds, forget it!

Which leads to my problem with this pattern. I've read and reread the instructions several times.  I have studied the diagrams for each step only for my brain to be as twisted as a piece of origami.  To add to my frustration, the pattern markings on some of the pieces are off. Luckily, I was prepared for this having read the reviews on 

I strongly caution anyone who is looking at Vogue 2929 as a future project-- DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT attempt to make this pattern without first making a muslin! Also, I strongly suggest that you not follow the exact order of construction given in the pattern instructions.  Instead, begin with the foundation and lining pieces.  That way you can work out any issues with fit on a portion of the dress that will be hidden from the public and you can practice how to assemble the unusually shaped pattern pieces. 

Here is a picture of pattern piece #11 Right Front and Back lining, where I drew seam allowances on each side of the lower point of the pattern piece and changed the location of the dot to where the seam allowances intersected.   

Then I did the same thing on piece #10 Upper Left Front and Back lining, where the two pieces were to be sewn together. 

After sewing the muslin for the foundation and the partial skirt lining and attaching the two at the waistline, I had my daughter try it on.  I should have known that I had missed a step when she couldn't step into the skirt but instead I helped her slide the muslin over her raised arms and slid it into place.  I had to take in 1/4 inch in the bust area blending back to the original seam line at the waist but otherwise the fit looked good.  EXCEPT, when it came time to take off the muslin we couldn't get it off!  After a minute or two of trying to remove the garment I cut it off.  I went back to the pattern instructions.  Come to find out-- I'd inadvertently sewn the entire seam closed! In the words of Lucy Ricardo: "uuuuhh!"

So here is what I have accomplished so far between the sneezes and sniffles:

Assembled foundation.  I received the hook and loop tape I ordered from Etsy-- very quick shipping I might add.  Currently I am still working out how I'm going to attach the hook and loop tape to ensure a snug fit.

Attached boning and pinned bra cups in place (looks like a weird looking bug to me-- lol)

And here is the foundation lining hand-basted to the partial skirt lining. The puzzle is starting to take shape and make sense!

About 2 1/2 weeks until prom! 

Goals for upcoming week--
  1. Install bra cups.
  2. Complete assembly of skirt lining.
  3. Cut out and begin assembly of dress.
Until next time...Sew something you love!

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