Monday, May 12, 2014

Now That Prom Is Over...

It's Countdown to Graduation

If you have been following my previous posts you know that I successfully finished my daughter's prom dress.  Yes, I have been grinning from ear to ear for more than a week now.  The dress turned out beautifully, my daughter looked beautiful, and happy!

The deadline sewing is almost done.   Only one more dress to make-- a white dress for graduation.  Ladies are required to wear a white dress or pantsuit and white shoes.   

This past week I took my daughter to the fabric store to choose a pattern and fabric for her graduation dress and what pattern did she select?  Yes, you guessed it-- another Vogue pattern.

This is what she chose

Vogue 1393

It's not that I have anything against Vogue sewing patterns.  It's just that my daughter has a tendency to lean towards the designer patterns that take me outside of my sewing comfort zone. This is not necessarily a bad thing.  In this case I will be sewing with lace and with French seams, neither of which I have done in the past but I've always wanted to do.  AND I will do all of this while working with white fabric.  Yippee!

Here is the fabric.  

This photo was taken with the shiny side of the crepe backed satin  against the lace.  The crepe backed satin will serve as the underlining. 

You may have noticed in the picture on the pattern envelope that two tiers in the skirt appear darker than the rest of the skirt.  This was puzzling at first until I realized that the skirt is underlined in all but these two tiers.  The skirt lining prevents show through on the lace-only tiers. I can't wait to see how this looks in white lace over white underlining/lining. 

As I was planning my sewing schedule for the week I discovered that instead of having a few weeks to make this dress I have less than a week. The first event requiring a white dress happens this Sunday. Ugh!!!

Tonight I began cutting out and assembling the muslin.  I'm hoping this pattern will need very little in the way of alterations.  

Since things are starting to calm down around here I should have more time in the sewing room this week. 

After sewing Vogue 2929 this should be a piece of cake.... Right???

Until next time...Sew so something you love!


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